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Wealth managers, this is your window of opportunity


In recent years, we’ve built some of the most progressive wealth management brands in the country.

We’ve learned two things through all our interviewing of high-net-worth individuals and families:

1. People can be very dissatisfied with their financial advisor, and still be afraid to leave them.

2. They WILL make a move after a financial crisis like we’re experiencing now.

This is not the time to go silent. It’s the time to:

• Find your unique voice amidst all the RIA brand sameness

• Provide people with a superior option to their current advisor

• Reassure your current clients

• Lay the foundation for big-time new client acquisition.

Specifically, you can:

• Refine your brand messaging

• Communicate skillfully with team members, clients and centers of influence

• Develop an original content strategy to reach the hearts and minds of prospects

The big banks are all over this. So are the robos, even though they’re not your direct competition.

There’s no reason to panic. But there is strong impetus to ACT. Send a message to to discuss in more detail.